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Energy Savings for Businesses

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Our Energy Services

Energy is substantially more than a simple line item cost on your electric bill. When there are countless variables which can have a detrimental impact on your business, there is no shortage of reasons to give some serious attention your energy strategy. Our team of energy experts can help you reduce your costs, manage associated risks, and even improve your company’s image.

Custom Pricing

Not every business is alike, and we know that a “one-size-fits all” energy strategy is a myth. In addition to providing an energy audit and bidding out your energy supply, Centillion 2 Business Solutions’ energy experts will advocate for you to ensure your energy deal structure is nothing less than excellent. We will negotiate everything for you including terms, length and price plan options, which can include:

  • Fixed Price
  • Index Price
  • Block & Index (Hybrid) Price

We will tirelessly shop our network of dozens of suppliers to locate the best energy products, prices and terms based on your company’s specific needs. We can easily construct your deal based on a variety of rate pricing options so risks are managed in a manner that properly suits your business.

Small – Medium Businesses

Sure, you could shop suppliers one at a time, but how many hours would that involve? We invite you to take advantage of our energy brokerage services once we have completed your complimentary energy expense audit!

We will shop our network of dozens of suppliers to find you superior products, prices and terms. By working with us, our suppliers will bid to win your company’s business, and we will ensure the rate program you choose will mitigate risks and benefit your company.